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Are Granite Countertops Out Of Style

Feb 26, 2019

Are Granite Countertops Out Of Style

At present the material of mesa of main ambry of home and abroad has fire prevention board, stainless steel, marble, man-made stone to wait, material is very much, but do not have granite good.Here, xin gaoshi will introduce the advantages of granite:


1. High hardness.Sharp objects such as kitchen knives do not scratch hard surfaces at all.It is said that only other granite or diamonds can destroy it.This is where the utility lies.You don't have to worry about scratching them.

granite slab

2. High temperature resistance.Granite surfaces can dissipate heat without bubbling or cracking.It can even resist the heat of a frying pan without leaving a trace.But even so, there are benefits to having a cushion.

3. Beautiful appearance.To material of kitchen ambry and mesa character, granite already practical beautiful.The subtle color changes of granite cannot be imitated by artificial stone, and the color will change with the change of light.While its colors, spots, or other patterns run through the granite, the artificial stone has only one surface, so each stone has a different characteristic.

granite countertop

4. Prevent the breeding of bacteria.Because of its textured structure, the granite's interior voids are very, very small, so to speak, without voids, making it less prone to bacteria and other kitchen grime.Mold and mildew will not exist.

5, easy to clean, improve the kitchen environment.Granite kitchen countertops are fairly simple to care for, and there is no difference between daily cleaning and quick cleaning with a soft cloth or tissue.Because stone grain is dense, low pore, dye is not a problem.You can even cut things on it.This cold surface is also good for pastries.Install granite countertops and everyone will love cooking.

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