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Are Headstones Allowed In Islam

Jul 05, 2019

Are Headstones Allowed In Islam

The construction of tombs, whether erected or enclosed, or on which prayers are written, is not permitted by the torah, because there is a definite hadith against such ACTS.As chapir puts it, "the messengers of god have forbidden the plastering of graves, the siting of people on graves, and the building of buildings on graves."The hadith of Islam, according to the correct transmission clues gathered by termez et al., adds a hadith, with the words: "no writing on the grave."Because it's a religion and an excess.This is forbidden repeatedly by the Koran.(see 4:170, 5:77) so excesses in religion should be banned.In addition, the writing on the grave may lead to many bad consequences for exaggeration and other things banned by religious law firms.The law only allows the earth of the grave to be returned to its place, and raised about a foot above the ground, so that people may know it is a grave.This is the practice of the grave, including the graves of the messengers of god and his disciples.It is forbidden by the sharia law to build mosques in the tombs, to set up tents on them, or to erect domes over them.For the prophet said, "may Allah condemn the jews and christians who have used the graves of their prophets as mosques."The buhari hadith and the Muslim hadith.
Five days before the death of the messenger of god, I had heard him say this last word: 'indeed god has made me a friend, as ibrahim was a friend.If any man were a close friend to me in my teaching, I would surely have made ib and burke my close friends.Some of you have had the tombs of your prophets as mosques.I do forbid it."The book of hadith contains many similar texts.

The holy sepulchre was destroyed in the 1970s, with its turreted stone roof, or headstone, being pried away and many nearby islamic headstones removed.In 1983, it was listed as a municipal cultural relic protection unit.In 1985, the provincial and municipal departments allocated 40,000 yuan to rebuild the tomb pavilion and repair the tomb.And surrounded the tomb by brick walls.There are hundreds of tombs in the wall, including 48 tombs of the qing dynasty.

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