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Are Marble Countertops Expensive

Mar 04, 2019

Are Marble Countertops Expensive

It depends on your size.Generally speaking, there are dozens to hundreds of thousands, depending on your requirements.

1, Common marble Countertops mesa on the market every meter 280, 1500 yuan differ, basically should see you do what kind of stone material, of medium 300 yuan to 500 yuan /M, high-grade 500 yuan to 1000 yuan /M, 1000 yuan /M above also have, but not much.The key factor of the price sees treatment craft and stone material breed, ply, for instance sha Anna 350-2000 yuan have, whiter more expensive, Oman rice yellow 350 yuan or so, shallow blame yellow 300 yuan or so, dong shi 200-300 yuan, Italian mu wen 400 yuan or so.See even if be homebred or entrance, general entrance is more expensive than homebred.

2, the word that the family chooses marble, still suggest to want to compare better, the price sees your economic condition, thick and thin differ material to pledge not to be the same, choose commonly 500 yuan left and right sides had better.Natural marble can have crack, condiment went in to clear not to drop, the proposal USES man-made marble mesa, more beautiful and easy clean.

3, the quality of kitchen marble and price are proportional, although say 100 yuan/meter also have, but quality is very poor, and after using a year, can fade, artificial marble desk face plate is the product of chemical element synthesis, some friends worry about radiation harm, as long as it is qualified product actually, the problem is not big.Radiation of natural stone material is some, but not every kind of stone material has, the choice rises very professional.Normally eligible marble price wants to be controlled in 300 yuan.

4, the price for the kitchen marble, not a fixed type, according to the demand and supply will also fluctuate.Will tell with pure kitchen man-made stone marble mesa, want to see local market price above all, come again the cost performance that is man-made stone marble mesa, always should see a few more first, undertake deciding to buy according to quality and price again next.