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Are Marble Stairs Slippery

Apr 16, 2019

Are Marble Stairs Slippery

Household ground USES the luxuriant atmosphere that USES marble adornment to be able to make whole space changes, although a lot of consumer know, it has certain radiate, but the affection that does not affect people to it at all however.Nevertheless sometimes marble also can appear very slippery problem, so, how does marble prevent slippery handle?Next, I will give you some tips!

How does marble stair prevent slippery to handle 1, use mechanical processing

Most once and for all should belong to mechanical processing, through certain technical means to make the surface of the stone burning surface, machine plane surface, lychee surface, archaize surface and chop axe surface and other uneven texture, in order to achieve the anti-skid effect.Need professional technical personnel to undertake operation nevertheless, the stone material floor after passing mechanical processing at the same time lost original brightness effect, very difficult also cleanness maintains.Generally speaking, it is more suitable for public places or staircases and walkways and other areas with large flow of people.

How does marble stair prevent slippery to handle 2, use stone material to prevent slippery stick

On the market the common stone material non-slip sticks the surface mostly for the choice non-slip sand, the rubber and plastic non-slip fiber or the non-sand special non-slip material, has the very good corrosion resistance to the majority chemical composition, simultaneously has the stronger water resistance, the temperature resistance and the ultraviolet ray characteristic.Non-slip stick surface can also be covered with a variety of exquisite color patterns, trademarks and text, practical and beautiful.

How does marble stair prevent slippery handle 3, use prevent slippery agent

Through osmotic reaction, make surface of ceramic tile stone material original capillarity channel widens, form a lot of extremely minute concave pit in its surface.The static friction coefficient increases with the surface roughness.And when there is water, these capillary channels and tiny pits fill up.When the foot steps on above, the water is extruded, between the foot and the surface to form a lot of can prevent skidding small sucker, static friction coefficient and anti-skid performance is greatly improved.It is important to note that the use of antiskid agent after the need to regularly clean, keep the surface of the small pits are not covered by oil and dirt.