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Are Marble Tiles Good For Bathrooms

May 31, 2019

Are Marble Tiles Good For Bathrooms

When a few people are ceramic tile of choose and buy, can consider marble ceramic tile suits to apply to decorate in what place?What's the difference between using it in different places?Marble tile application field is very wide, can be used for "star hotel, high-end villa, public space, etc." need noble sense, sense of glory landmark buildings;Also can be used at "sitting room, corridor, porch, setting, stair, kitchen, bathroom etc" need reveals the illicit home with host demeanour to live a luxurious life;Products can be laid on the wall, the interior wall can be widely used.More important is small make up the shop that brought marble ceramic tile to you sticks construction, defend clean means, come together below study!
Marble tile modular paving feels more delicate
Laid point: the ceramic tile of different dimension, design and color, undertake the shop sticks according to certain combination means.
Suitable type: suitable for European style, modern style, retro style, etc.The marble that can use color to lay main body ceramic tile slightly deep at place normally or ceramic tile, surround an edge with 15 centimeters around the ground, the shop sticks the effect to let a person feel with material more delicate.

Marble tile bathroom advantages surprise you
1. Realistic effect
The collection of the industry's top manufacturing technology marble tile by mechanical high pressure molding, high temperature calcined, natural beauty.It in the texture, color, texture, touch and other aspects of the natural marble completely achieved the realistic effect, in strict installation and paving requirements and rich product accessories support, large area paving and space overall use effect more realistic.
2. Superior performance
Below the safeguard of modern production technology, marble ceramic tile is in waterproof rate, flatness, the practical performance respect such as bending intensity shows remarkable, completely abandoned natural marble to make the color difference that exist is big, blemish is much, easy ooze water ooze pollution, do hard, price is high and supply cycle is long wait for blemish.