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Are Marbles Made Out Of Marble

Mar 08, 2019

Are Marbles Made Out of Marble

Simple contrast between artificial Marbles stone and natural stone

1, hardness: natural stone absolute advantage, even relatively poor marble, hardness is much higher than most artificial stone;Don't worry about wear, but wear after the repair is difficult, grinding more trouble;

3, gluing: in the table is relatively long, there will be split, artificial stone table generally more than 2.4 meters need to be spliced, natural stone is about the same;But also because of the hardness and compactness of the natural stone, and after the gluing joint treatment more difficult, need more superb skills.

4, price: the overall level, natural stone is cheaper.But in terms of processing fees, the natural stone is higher (the hardness is there), and the bigger the factory, the higher the fees.(extension: so direct comparison of the two manufacturers of table prices, is not very fair, but also refer to the processing tools and process.)

5, density: that is, the stone pores.Artificial stone is much better, the gap is very small, not easy to occur leakage (not easy to occur dyeing phenomenon);Natural stone must do surface care can be put into use;Do not represent won't dye not easily nevertheless chroma -- -- the story that had introduced such kind in TV, I also experienced personally, considering to return stainless steel birdbath now so.

6, radiation: smell of color change things, artificial stone is most willing to talk about this.However, there are no problems with the stones from the regular manufacturers. For example, the star tower provided by RG is now the first-class stone in China, and each batch has its own inspection report (of course, the price is considerable, he sells more than 200 pieces of 90 pieces on the ground).It's very reliable.

7, toughness: supposedly should be good artificial stone, so the general natural stone table for the more thick.But natural stone table (my mother's home) and artificial stone table I have encountered the situation of broken, investigate the reason, or support is not stable;

8, impact resistance: natural stone good, nothing to say.

9, corrosion resistance: the main composition of artificial stone is Al(OH)3, the stability of acid and alkali are very good, the composition of natural stone Ca and CO3 content of many, not acid;But this is all theory, I have not seen the table was soaked in vinegar bad situation.

10, heat resistance: my artificial stone table once because put a hot pot, resulting in burst.To say.

11, aging resistance: no doubt, there are millions of years of natural stone, will not happen again what color, peeling problem;But artificial stone manufacturers provide five years of quality assurance, so within five years is certainly nothing;After 10 years, the cabinet should be changed.

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