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Are Mosaic Tiles Easy To Clean

Jun 21, 2019

Are Mosaic Tiles Easy To Clean

Mosaic ceramic tile seems to be born with the affinity between wei yu, in the home decoration, marsek is often used in toilet decoration, colorful decorative effect also for wei yu grace many;But as a result of toilet often seeper, add Mosaic itself aperture more, clear more difficult reason, make the need on the clearing of ceramic tile of ma saike is all the more attentively, and maintain respect of ceramic tile of ma saike in the future, also need to get attention more.So, what skill does ma hanke ceramic tile clean and maintain a respect to have?

一.Construction and maintenance of Mosaic tiles

1, check the details to finish whole metope brick, bonding layer after the final set, pointing to end, do it again check, will be left in the crevice of the floating sand, soft brush lightly with a clean damp out, beyond the frame joint with a 1:12 induce severe GouPing cement mortar, reoccupy cloth wipe, when bonding layer and tick off seam mortar condenses again after cleaning in the end.
2. Clean the surface of masek when the adhesive layer and jointed mortar finally set.Cleaning needs to prepare two buckets, one for the new detergent, one for the clean water, first in the load!Soak the cleaning cloth in the bucket of detergent without wricking it out, then wipe the masek surface in a circular manner: soak the sponge in the second bucket of cleanser and sponge the Mosaic surface to remove any residue.Again, sponge the surface until clean.
3. After the laying of masek, attention should be paid to the protection of the finished products and proper air drying can be carried out.The face layer that just spread should avoid the sun to be insolated, indoor appropriate is ventilated appropriately, maintain to hand in a job all the time after 24 hours or so, the later period of maintenance that pastes ma saike to the shop commonly should not be less than 7 days.

二.Cleaning of Mosaic tiles

1, if the cleaner is the floor, and there is no drainage system on the ground, take a vacuum cleaner to suck, and then use the cleaner to add water, wring dry cloth to wipe, basically about the same.If it is the floor of the shower room, there is a way to spray a little after taking a shower every day, and use the function of removing soap stains.
2, water cloth can use water and good absorbent cotton cloth wipe clean.Because masek has a flat surface, it is not prone to dirt and dirt, so it is very convenient for cleaning.In addition, a neutral brightener can be applied, which will help keep the masek surface bright.

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