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Are Mosaics Roman Or Greek

Apr 12, 2019

Are Mosaics Roman Or Greek

The original meaning of Mosaic is: Mosaic, Mosaic pattern, Mosaic technology.

The word MOSAIC comes from an ancient Greek translation of MOSAIC.Mosaic art played an important role in the field of architecture in ancient Greece and Rome.Whether it is the marble Mosaic paving used in ancient Greece, or the temple buildings and columns in ancient Rome, Mosaic is used as a special decorative means, and to a certain extent, it also symbolizes the noble social status.Mosaic is one of the most precious cultural treasures of ancient Greece and Rome.

In modern society, Mosaic with its unique visual impact and personality beauty, on the basis of a variety of materials, for people to show a variety of highly praised art forms.Mosaic art has been more and more recognized and appreciated in all fields of society.

In household domain, Mosaic regards a kind of innovation as artistic gimmick also increasingly popular.Decorate Mosaic element inside household space, can make household space sends out the fragrance that gives intoxicate, bring brand-new sense for the bedroom.The wall can achieve this effect.

The Mosaic pattern of contracted gradual change is the classical pattern of the product, apply to contemporary, brief Europe, Mediterranean type style.

The product USES the Mosaic design with stereo feeling and strong visual impact force, convey the spirit of reason and order, it is the different expression of metope language.

Early Greek marble mosaics most often used black and white to match each other.Only the rulers of authority and the rich could afford artisans and materials to express the art of luxury.In the later stage of Greek Mosaic, in order to enrich their works in a more diversified way, artists began to need smaller pieces of gravel and cut small stones by themselves to complete a Mosaic.To Roman period, Mosaic already developed very general, the floor of average civilian house and public building, metope are decorated with it, this makes the Rome at that time appears how rich, make ancient Rome building luxurious arrived inconceivable it is degree.The golden age of Mosaic began when early christians came to Rome and were persecuted and had to meet in passageways such as basements.Since most of the people were illiterate, these basement walls had glass Mosaic murals depicting the story of Jesus Christ.Constantine the great was the Roman emperor who legitimized Christianity and preached it. The churches of Constantinople (Byzantium) were decorated and beautified with a large number of moxies. More and more colors were used.

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