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Are Pebble Shower Floors Slippery

Jul 01, 2019

Are Pebble Shower Floors Slippery

Ever thought about pebbles in your bathroom?A lot of bathrooms are to install ceramic tile floor, tradition does not have new idea, because this you can consider cobblestone on the bathroom shop in the home, can bring full summer feeling to you, and, bathroom cobblestone not only prevent slippery and healthy, so, look at the example of these cobblestone bathroom together below!

1, local cobblestone bathroom
To keep the cool effect, a drain pipe was installed at the bottom of the tub before it was placed in the tub and surrounding pebbles. When the pebbles were covered with a layer of ash, the owner could simply flush the dirty water out of the drain pipe.

2. Alley cobblestone bathroom
The path cobblestones act like a meandering river through a large tiled floor.Want to present this kind of effect, bathroom area needs certain requirement, this kind of cobblestone path also can become a kind of landscape in the bathroom, and having the effect that prevent slip.

3. Cobblestone bathroom
What introduce above is the bathroom decorates cobble locally, the cobble in the graph is the floor that spread full bathroom, comprehensive cobble can bring the feeling like hot spring for the bathroom, calm neuter color and delicate grain are made in the rain give elegant breath.

4. Cobblestone walled bathroom
In the bathroom of dry wet depart, cobble also can decorate in bath room, when you are in barefoot bath in the bathroom, cobble can offer sufficient ministry to massage action, beautiful still can prevent slippery.

5, cobble washs gargle stage setting wall
The bathroom's dark cobblestone walls add elegance to the space.The natural elements contrast sharply with the smooth lines and glossy surfaces of the gutters.Zebra-print towels also add a touch of glamour to the bathroom.

What introduce above is the relevant content about cobble bathroom, the effect of cobble bathroom is extremely atmospheric and beautiful, it is a good choice of bathroom floor, the hope has help to you!

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