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Are Sandstone And Limestone The Same

Mar 18, 2019

Are Sandstone And Limestone The Same

Sandstone is also known as sand granule. Sandstone is composed of mineral silica granule condensed and crystallized.Sandstone silica is composed of calcium carbonate and ferric oxide and the mixture is condensed to form durable and rich in strength. In some areas, the hardness of sandstone is even higher than granite, so the construction is time-consuming.Sandstone due to its coarse grain expansion, especially strong rate of hard, suitable for large outdoor stone works.Limestone by magnesium limestone and calcium carbonate composite composition, and sandstone on the contrary, due to its fine texture pure white, high processing adaptability, for the sculptor to make the statue of one of the preferred stone.Many kinds of limestone contain the skeletons of fossil shells and Marine organisms.This kind of stone material slightly processes or itself has the appreciation esthetic function.Limestone origin is extensive, color and texture quite abundant, its soft, easy to make small rack carving, more suitable for beginners to choose.


Green gray or brown, particles is very thin, hard, meet hydrochloric acid bubble, it divided into calcite, white transparent, metamorphic for marble, is mainly Marine sedimentary rocks, there are particles, shale, bioclastic, biological skeleton four, how is brother of dolomite, belong to carbonate rock, can't just dolomite with an acid to drum, dolomite contains contains magnesium.


Pure white, dark black or flower green, have decorative pattern, grain thicker, softer, meet hydrochloric acid bubble.It was formed by magmatic action on limestone, which differs from limestone in that it was formed by metamorphic crystalline grains of the same composition as limestone


Mottled, hard, containing three different minerals, white is quartz, flesh red or brown is feldspar, black is mica, magmatic rock in the part of the acid composition, the most common volcanic rocks, degree of self-form, visible particles.


Tawny or brown, granular structure, uniform grain size, very hard, is the most common continental sedimentary rocks, and limestone for the formation of sedimentation.

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