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Are Sandstone And Limestone The Same

Jun 28, 2019

Are Sandstone And Limestone The Same

Sandstone, also known as sand granulite, sandstone by the mineral silica particles composed of condensed crystals.Sandstone silica by calcium carbonate and iron oxide add a mixture of cohesion to form durable and full strength, the hardness of sandstone in some areas even more than granite, so construction is more time-consuming.Sandstone due to its coarse expansion of particles, especially strong rate of hard, suitable for large outdoor stone works.Limestone is composed of magnesium limestone and calcium carbonate composite, as opposed to sandstone, because of its fine texture and white, high processing adaptability, most of the sculptor's first choice of stone statues.Many kinds of limestone contain fossilized shells and skeletons of Marine life.This kind of stone material processing or itself has the appreciation esthetic function.Limestone production area is wide, color and luster texture quite rich, its soft, easy to make small frame carving, more suitable for beginners to choose carving.

Au Sandstone _副本

1. The appearance.Color ~ the limestone is gray light gray dark gray black gray sandstone color is rich mainly in yellow tone mainly red brown gray green gray yellow and sometimes gray tone sandstone at this time need other methods
2. Touch.Sandstone of clastic rocks look rough hand to touch its surface has obvious grain texture is composed of sand grain limestone look carefully you can see is obvious for carbonate ~ most of the time, the feel is exquisite and no obvious particles are observed sand ~ so touch can differentiate the vast majority of sandstone and limestone, but there are some limestone has the feel of granule on coarser ~ have obvious small particles but experienced geologists can see is not sand if difference not to come out to refer to the following content.
3. Hardness.The hardness of sandstone can be high or low. The weathering of sandstone is limestone which can peel off sand grains. The hardness of limestone is low.
4. Hydrochloric acid.It is certain that limestone is subject to acid blisters. However, part of the sandstone cemented by calcium carbonate is also subject to acid blisters only to a lesser degree, and there will be sand residue on the surface after the reaction. Therefore, only part of the sandstone can be distinguished by blisters, but not completely.
5. Landform.Characteristic sandstone because of its texture is usually hard easy to form tall steep cliff sharp edges can refer to taihang mountain zhangshi cliff landform or danxia.