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Are Slate Roofs Good?

Sep 24, 2019

Are Slate Roofs Good?

Zhenshan village is located on a peninsula in the middle of huaxi reservoir, banban town, huaxi district, guiyang city. It is divided into two villages with three sides of water and one side of mountain. It has a history of more than 400 years and is inhabited by more than 140 bouyei villagers.This village is like an ancient castle, but also a true stone village.There is a unique national style of Chinese stone architecture culture, as if a stone world.
Guizhou is full of cold stone, SLATE, they will not attract your attention, but in zhenshan village, the most eye-catching is these stones, SLATE.Many tourists like to come here to see the stones because of the large number of well-preserved stone rooms.
According to the local villagers, the stone used in zhenshan village is of good quality, the color is blue and white, the thickness is even, the hardness is good, these stone slabs are hidden in the deep mountains, carefully collected by the stonemason, unified cutting, according to the size of the stone slab area, large as wall, small as room tile.
The wall of the town and village was built against the mountain, with large regular stones, and the gate was built with stone arches.As for the walls and the dam of the house, they were built with small slabs of stone, and the roof replaced the green tiles with irregular slabs. The steps of the road and the alley were all paved with large slabs of stone, stone bricks, stone tiles, stone walls and stone roads.
Gu jie walked into the village along a road paved with stones. The first thing you saw was the natural stone arch gate at the gate of the village.

Looking ahead, stone street, stone house, stone alley, stone wall, stone tile, stone column, just like a natural stone museum.Row upon row of stone houses, built along the mountain, are quite spectacular. Each roof is paved with neatly cut stone slabs, piled on top of each other, forming a shuttle shape, strewn at random, looking like a fish-scale armor from a distance.
Gu jie visited all the houses along the way, and saw water tanks for villagers, dry tanks for grain storage, even manger. Almost all the utensils were carved out of stone.
Heavy and straightforward stone passes clever combination, became a unique and lasting appeal infinite artwork, really must admire the wisdom of compatriots in bouyi!
Step on the green flagstone road, shuttle in stone alley, listen to the cock crow dog bark, water color wind shadow is poetic, xiaolou alley is also implicit and euphemism.

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