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Are Travertine Floors Hard To Maintain

Jun 18, 2019

Are Travertine Floors Hard To Maintain

Travertine is easy to clean.But it's important to know how to clean.

First of all, travertine has a mild texture, beautiful appearance, unique style and color characteristics, can match any design.But in a way, it's fragile.Travertine is a kind of stone, of course, but it's not as dense and hard as granite.Travertine is durable and has a long service life, but it is porous and sensitive to acid stains, so it can be easily contaminated or corroded.Even in a sealed state.
Therefore, travertine is generally not used on kitchen countertops or in frequently used bathrooms.Travertine tiles, however, are perfect for any room.
Travertine is best used on desktops, around bathtubs, in shower areas, floor tiles and around stone fireplaces.
Following the do's and don 'ts will help you avoid bad habits and establish proper and safe cleaning practices.
"Yes" and "no"
"To" : seal once a year
You may have read about sealed stone and all the hassle of cleaning travertine, but I assure you, it's no big deal.The job is simple.The time and expense involved was nothing compared to the attractive appearance of travertine countertops, floors, etc.
Choose a high quality sealant.
"To" : dry the spill in time
Travertine is more sensitive to acid than granite.Wine, coffee, fruit juices, ketchup, cola, cosmetics and cleaning products can corrode polishing or staining.
To: clean surfaces with a sponge or soft cloth.
Regular cleaning requires only hot water and customized stone cleaner/sealant.Dry off with a cotton cloth or a soft wipe.Use mild soap occasionally (3-4 times a year) to darken the surface over time.
To: place a mat under glass, bottles, jars, etc
Bottles, jars, glass.Even water can leave circular stains, and some everyday foods and drinks that contain acids can corrode polished surfaces or damage them.
Therefore, travertine cleaning should be simple, avoid expensive polishing and restoration, and be as clean as a good wooden home.Keep using MATS, no matter what the situation.
Do: put toiletries in a box in the bathroom.
The decorative box is beautiful in appearance and can protect the travertine surface from harmful chemicals in cosmetics.
Do: clean travertine floors regularly.
Use a clean, dry, unprocessed mop.Be careful when using a vacuum cleaner.The gravel on the wheel will scratch the surface.In addition, regular use of special stone cleaning agents for cleaning.
Important points: travertine floor tiles can become very slippery, so use with other types of surface.Travertine has a warm texture and does not show dirt.
Additionally, travertine's unique Spaces and pores are easy to fill and are well filled prior to installation to prevent dirt buildup.
"Want" : the door inside and outside should put doormat.
Shoes that carry sand, dirt, and sand are abrasive and wear away travertine floors.
"No" : generic, store-bought detergent of any kind.
Products sold in stores contain acids, alkalis, and other chemicals that can erode or wear away countertops or peel sealants and cause staining.
In the long run, using cheap generic surface cleaners will only cost you more time and money, they will damage travertine, expensive repairs and repairs will make you regret it, don't let that happen from now on.
"Don't" : clean travertine with vinegar, ammonia, lemon or orange.
As mentioned above, regular cleaning requires only a sponge and hot water, plus stone cleaner/sealant.
"Don't" : use bathroom, bathtub, tile or mud cleaner.
Powder or even soft creams containing abrasives can scratch or darken surfaces.
"Don't" : sit or stand on the counter.
Travertine countertops don't have the same flexibility as crushed countertops. They don't have plywood to support them.
"Don't" : place toiletries directly on the surface.
Hair washes, toothpastes, perfumes, nail polishes, creams, lotions, etc., can stain or damage the surface.It is recommended that you put these products into decorative boxes, which can also increase the beauty.

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