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Are Travertine Pavers Slippery

Apr 10, 2019

Are Travertine Pavers Slippery

Travertine paving stone, although it does not have a beautiful appearance, nor a long history, but it has a more valuable quality - dedication.It unknown spread on the road, let the wind and rain, they are closely together, a paved a flat road, for people to go, for vehicles to go.Ambulances walk on it, which can help patients faster, police cars walk on it, which can catch thieves faster, delivery trucks walk on it, which can transport goods faster and serve the people...It can also prevent soil erosion, muddy roads, so that the road smooth!

Step 1: make sure travertine is the tile surface you need.Although natural stone is durable, it is not versatile.Travertine is particularly susceptible to attack by acids such as citric acid.

Step 2 select travertine type.The polished and polished travertine resembles marble and has a smooth surface.A polished surface is more lustrous than a polished one.The other two have a more natural, rougher look.

Step 3: select the color.Travertine has a variety of natural shades, including beige, gray, and coral red.All the hues are neutral and mix beautifully together.At the same time, there are various shapes, squares, rectangles and so on.

Step 4 choose the right travertine tile.Small square or rectangular tiles are good for backsplash in the kitchen and larger tiles are good for flooring.Mix and match of size ceramic tile can create interesting design, make household becomes personalized.

Step 5 seal travertine tile after installation.High quality sealant, combined with careful care and maintenance, can prevent travertine leakage.Select travertine cleaning products under the direction of the distributor or consult with them.Tips: installing travertine increases the value of your home, both indoors and outdoors.Patio, bathroom floor, shower area and kitchen backsplash, travertine is a good choice.Travertine is less of a countertop than travertine.It is more porous than other popular materials such as granite and is therefore more prone to contamination.Remove immediately if liquid is spilled on travertine.Do not use acid cleaners.Travertine is an alkaline stone that corrodes when exposed to acid.

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