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Bluestone Pavers

Apr 02, 2019

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is the most widely distributed type of gray or off-white sedimentary rock (about 15% of the lithosphere) in the earth's crust, which is the most important constituent rock of carbonate rocks.

1.The bluestone.Can be used as building materials, tablet, etc.
2.The common name for limestone.Bluestone is mainly light gray thick layer oolitic rock and thick layer oolitic rock sandwiched leopard skin limestone.The fresh surface is dark gray oolitic structure, block structure and strip structure.Oolite is composed of two parts, oolite and glue structure, about 60% oolite, particle diameter of 0.5mm, oolite with radial and concentric ring structure.Most of them were normal and metamorphic oolites, with locally deformed oolites. The glue was jointed with fine-grained dissolving surface and a small amount of clay.

3.Sichuan and shandong.Longchang bluestone, shandong bluestone, yichang hubei.
4.Bluestone is a kind of stone.Widely found in nature, it is a very common rock.
5.Bluestone is the most environmentally friendly stone among all kinds of stone materials. Due to its convenient materials, huge natural stock, wear-resistant, weather-resistant and non-radioactive, bluestone is often used in furniture and outdoor buildings.

Bluestone is mainly leopard-skin limestone: light grayish-grayish-yellow, fresh face brownish yellow and gray, partial maroon, matrix for gray, mostly fine powder diameter crystal calcite.
Lime rock generally contains about 50% CaO and the content of MgO is between 2.5-3.5. The three angles are 3.7-3.8, the water absorption rate is 0.75%, the bending strength is 10.0mpa, the gloss is about 60, and the density is 2800 kg /m3

Bluestone is also known as limestone, lime Yin "thousand hammer million chiseled out of the deep mountains" said is bluestone.Bluestone is widely used in the living room table top, or cabinet counter, etc.Compare with natural marble, the advantage of bluestone depends on main composition is calcium carbonate, do not pollute, do not have radiate, belong to green product in furniture of outfit of daily home so, more get modern love.

Bluestone is the raw material of lime.In addition to lime, bluestone is also quarried for gravel, sand.Gravel as a component of cement, sand has become a building necessities.

Bluestone is also mainly used for river pebbles, pebbles, granite, limestone, marble, bluestone and other hard stone crushing.It is widely used in many fields such as expressway, high-speed railway, rural highway and sand for construction. Bluestone is an ideal material for construction industry.

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