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Can Countertops Be Painted

May 28, 2019

Can Countertops Be Painted

The marble can be painted on the marble countertop.(marble mesa need not brush lacquer commonly, need to use special marble to nurse fluid to nurse only ok.)Marble lacquer calls copy marble lacquer again, copy marble coating.

1. Processing of base: finish the putty base according to the standard of high-grade interior wall paint;.
2. Start to use the special imitation marble knife, one knife at a time to scrape the pattern similar to square (long) on the wall;
3. Use the imitation marble spatula to fill the gap left by the first construction;
4. Check if there is any unfilled space above, and if there is any dry place, gently polish with no. 500 sandpaper;
5 then on the third Malay paint, according to the original method in the above knife scraping, scraping edge polishing;
6. Final polishing: the effect of imitating marble pattern has been formed after the completion of three batches of scraping. Adjust the Angle of scraping and polishing with the stainless steel knife until the wall is as shiny as marble.

Characteristics of marble paint:

1. Pure water formula, in line with environmental protection requirements, no radiation pollution.
2. Lifelike marble effect, elegant and luxurious, strong texture, distinct personality.
3. High weathering resistance and life span of more than 15 years.It is waterproof, anti-crack, anti-ultraviolet irradiation, anti-stain, anti-rinse, anti-acid rain, no peeling, no fading, and has the characteristics of high self-cleaning.
4. Simple construction, changeable color, single gun spraying, one gun colorful.
5. Low cost and high economic benefits.
6. Stable quality, long-term storage of coating without deterioration.Big white marble 02