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Can Onyx Be Scratched

Apr 04, 2019

Can Onyx Be Scratched   

If it's real agate.When you look at it from a certain Angle, there must be a distinct sense of hierarchy, which no other stone can imitate.As for powder, it depends on how hard the knife is. Agate can scratch glass because it is harder than glass, but it can't scratch tempered glass.The chemical composition of agate is SiO2.Can contain Fe Al Ti Mn V and other elements, showing a variety of colors, concentric circle and regular strip, can be divided into sardonyx, stripe agate, moss agate, fire agate, onyx, etc..Agate has a very long history. It is one of the earliest gemstone materials used by human beings.It is mainly produced in volcanic fissures and voids, but also in sedimentary rocks. It is a colloidal agglomerate of silica, and like crystal and jasper, it is also a kind of quartz ore, whose chemical composition is silica.In mineralogy, it belongs to chalcedony, generally translucent to opaque, hardness 6.5 to 7 degrees, specific gravity 2.55 to 2.91, refractive index 1.535 to 1.539.Agate can be formed in all strata of geological history, both igneous and sedimentary rocks.So, agate is very much, become color difference is very big also.Agate is famous on the world producing area has: India, Brazil, United States, Egypt, Australia, Mexico to wait for a country.Mexico, the United States and namibia also produce lace agate, known as "lace agate."Yellowstone, Wyoming and Montana also produce "scenic agate."Agate producing areas in China are also widely distributed, almost all provinces have agate, famous producing areas are: yunnan, heilongjiang, liaoning, hebei, xinjiang, ningxia, Inner Mongolia and so on.

Crystal with agate, as well as the similarities and differences of the chemical composition of crystal and agate is silicon dioxide, but still have some difference between the two, the crystal is single crystal, crystal a crystal is usually a crystal, agate is polycrystalline aggregate, under the electron microscope to see agate is made up of many tiny silica crystals, so often agate is translucent, and crystal is transparent.The two in many cases will also symbiosis, will form crystal store sales crystal cave.