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Can Paving Stones Be Painted

Aug 09, 2019

Can Paving Stones Be Painted

Kerb stone, refers to stone or concrete pouring blocks used in the edge of the road boundary stone, kerb stone is also known as tartar or kerb, kerb.Kerb stone is the boundary line on the road to distinguish the roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation zone and other parts of the road, which plays a role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the orderly road edge.

Kerb stone according to different materials, generally divided into two kinds: concrete kerb stone and stone kerb stone.According to the cross-section size of curb stone, it can be divided into h-type curb stone, t-type curb stone, r-type curb stone, f-type curb stone, TF type vertical edge stone and p-type flat edge stone.

According to the type of curb stone, it is divided into curving curb stone and linear curb stone.Fire plate curved curb stone can be used with straight curb stone.

With the rapid development of urban appearance, beautifying urban space has become an urgent need at present.The appearance of new and scientific colored road brick anti-color tiles has played a new movement of beautifying urban living space. With its characteristics of high intensity, high texture, abrasion resistance, fadeless and smooth linearity, it has become a main melody of today's urban space.

Quality standard:
Straightness: 10mm, height difference between adjacent blocks: 3mm, seam width: ±3mm, elevation of side stone top surface;Plus or minus 10 mm,

Installation mode:
The form of kerb stone is vertical, inclined and horizontal.Walking on the curb stone is a simple and effective way to regulate the balance of the body's internal organs, which can not only increase fun, but also prevent and cure diseases, prolong life, and play a role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the regularity of the road edge.This paper introduces the construction technology of kerb stone from the aspects of trench, installation and back reinforcement of kerb stone, and summarizes the quality requirements and matters needing attention of kerb stone, so as to ensure the construction quality and improve the aesthetics of road.