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Can Sandstone Be Polished

Apr 19, 2019

Can Sandstone Be Polished

It can be polished, but it depends on the type of sandstone.
Because sandstone usually gives the impression of soft texture, can not be polished grinding processing, so most people think that sandstone can not be polished.
In recent years, many hard sandstone materials have been developed in China, and the physical and technical indexes of these sandstone materials can meet the requirements of polishing.

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is formed by stone grains deposited on the riverbed after being washed away by water and hardened by thousands of years of accumulation.Later, the earth's crust movement, and the formation of today's mines.

Sandstone is the most widely used kind of building stone. The buildings decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago are still in charm today, such as Notre Dame DE Paris, Louvre, British royal palace, the United States congress, Harvard University, etc. The noble and elegant temperament of sandstone and its hard texture have made many wonderful flowers in the history of world architecture.In recent years, as a kind of natural building material, sandstone has been praised highly by architects who follow fashion and nature and widely used in commercial and home decoration. The world has been exploited and utilized by Australian sandstone, Indian sandstone, Spanish sandstone, Chinese sandstone and so on.Among them colour, decorative pattern most those who get architect place to welcome is Australian sandstone.Australian sandstone is a kind of ecological environmental protection stone, its products have no pollution, no radiation, no reflection, no weathering, no discoloration, heat absorption, heat preservation, skidproof and other characteristics.

Products are sandstone round carvings, relief murals, carved flower boards, artistic flower POTS, sculpture fountains, style fireplace, Roman Columns, doors and Windows sets, lines, frames, lighting, panels, beams, home accessories, environmental sculpture;Architectural detail sculpture, garden sculpture, campus sculpture, abstract sculpture, celebrity sculpture, European component, sandstone board, hollow column, hollow flower board, plastic model rockery, landscape sculpture (decorative sculpture, waterscape sculpture), etc.All products can be according to the requirements of arbitrary coloring, painting, grinding light and shade, gold;And can make the surface of the work through technical processing rough, delicate, cracking, natural cracks and other real stone effect.The main production color is yellow sandstone, white sandstone, red sandstone.Pure hand - made, wear - resistant, durable, beautiful use.

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