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Do Stairs Need Railings

Jun 25, 2019

Do Stairs Need Railings

Now houses or businesses are often concerned about the construction of beautiful or not beautiful, the use of good materials, more or less, the building knot is not strong.But a few very important little details, stair baluster specification, often be ignored however, come to say with everybody today for example - baluster.It is distressing to read the news about how many children and old people are injured because of the unreasonable height of the stair railing.Everybody can care about stair baluster to choose now what material, adornment what decorative pattern, but actually the height of stair baluster is the most important, stair baluster standard is very important, the detail that these concern us safety more should take seriously rise.

In "residential design code" and "civil building designs general rule" in the requirement, the building floor number is in 7 and 7 below, the height of the balustrade of the balcony cannot be under 1.05 meters, namely the ground arrives the height of balustrade top face.If the number of floors of the house is above 7, the height of the balcony railings cannot be lower than 1.1 meters.If there is a steppable part at the bottom of the rail with a width greater than or equal to 0.22m and a height lower than or equal to 0.45m, it shall be calculated from the top of the steppable part.And the level baluster height of stair cannot be under 1.05 meters, the level height of baluster of inclined plane stair section of stair cannot be under 0.9 meters.If there are children in the home, the stair balustrades should also have measures to prevent children from climbing.And here are three things to watch out for:

1.The vertical self-spacing of the railings should be 0.11 meters smaller;
2. The balcony guardrail is 0.10m from the ground and should not be left empty;These 2 points are to prevent children from drilling out.In order to look good, many friends decorate the railings with various patterns, but never consider these problems, leaving too much space, children can easily drill out when playing, buried serious safety risks.
3.some families can put potted on balcony baluster, the baluster that shelves flowerpot must take corresponding prevent fall measure, lest accident fall hurtful.