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Fireplace Style And How To Install It ?

Aug 02, 2018

Granite/Marble Fireplace/mantel and masonry heater, the former is an open combustion, and the latter has a closed burning structure for heating purposes. It is a room heated by a wall of fire. 

Originally used in western countries, fireplaces have decorative and considerable practical value, and are highly popular in northern europe. And according to the culture of different countries,  is divided into:Finlandstyle, Russian style, American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, and so on. 

sculpture fireplace

The basic structure of the fireplace consists of a mantel, a fireplace core and a flue. The fireplace was erected to function as a decoration. The core of the fireplace plays a practical role; the flue is used for venting. The mantel is classified according to the material: marble fireplace, wooden fireplace, imitation marble fireplace (resin), stack fireplace. The core of the fireplace is classified according to the fuel: electric fireplace, true fire fireplace (burning carbon, burning wood), gas fireplace (natural gas). 

fireplace mantel

A fire fireplace needs architectural support and requires a chimney and hearth. The hearth can be a cast iron hearth or a fireproof brick. If there is no chimney, it can also be replaced by cast iron pipe. The diameter of the cast iron pipe is not less than 12cm, and the inside diameter is not less than 11 cm. In western countries, there is usually a flue design. Therefore, western countries generally use the "true fire fireplace".

 large fireplace

Main points of installation and matters needing attention

Usually the fireplace installation to the house itself according to the structure, for the modern fireplace, generally there are two types, one is the fireplace steel structure simple, usually by mass production of [2]; another kind is the traditional European style brick fireplace, handmade by professional and technical workers.

The brick fireplace conforms to the orthodox European style, not only in appearance, but also in the cast-iron furnace: the high internal combustion temperature and the safe outer wall temperature. A reasonably designed fireplace construction process is relatively complex and requires professional technicians to implement it