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How Are Granite Tiles Made

May 14, 2019

How Are Granite Tiles Made                   

Granite tile construction technology (dry paving method)

1, the ground cleaning: floor tile shop paste, should be swept clean, especially after the concrete and construction slag, if not clean, brick shop paste will appear warped, empty drum phenomenon;
2, put a horizontal line, block: according to the size of the ground and floor tile size before the shop is stuck to walkthrough of floor tile, walkthrough principle is: the same room, transverse longitudinal half a brick in no more than one line, and half brick should remain in the future should put one side of the furniture or inconspicuous place, set up according to the layout planning is horizontal, and block;
3, the ground sprinkler: to fully wet, can prevent empty drum;
4. Mortar mixing: two kinds of mortar are used, one is 1:4 semi-dry mortar, which is used as a cushion, and the other is 1:3 mortar, which is used for bonding. The sand is middle sand after washing.
5, playing mortar base: generally use the dry shop method, from the early marble pavement, although the cost is high, but the shop out of the floor tile flat and beautiful, durable, moderate mortar to dry and wet, the standard is "hand into a ball, landing flowers", in the shop before the dry mortar best brush water cement ratio is 1:0.4 --0.5 cement slurry;
6, test shop, leveling, compaction: floor tile is empty drum, this step is very important, must be compacted, at the same time this step workers should check the floor tile and adjacent floor tile corner error;
7, brick bottom sizing: to the back of the floor tile with a layer of 1:3 mortar, as a bonding layer, thickness is not less than 1CM, daub must be uniform;
8, shop stick: to use a rubber hammer to hit evenly, adjust the level with the horizontal line and other floor tiles and the size of the gap, if conditions with a level ruler to check whether the level of the tile, with a rubber hammer until complete level;
9, pull seam: with a scraper from the middle of the brick seam row, ensure that there is a certain, uniform gap between the brick and the brick, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction of the brick caused damage, with a scraper in two bricks on the longitudinal pull back and forth, check whether the two bricks are flat;
10. Surface cleaning: dust and mortar on the surface of floor tiles shall be cleaned immediately after the paving is finished to prevent the mortar from sticking on the surface of floor tiles;
11, tick off seam: ceramic tile tick off processing generally in the ceramic tile dry solid after the appropriate, if the ceramic tile is not completely dry solid carry on tick off, the main problem is: one is to cause uneven ceramic tile, two is to cause loose ceramic tile, so in the late use of ceramic tile easy to fall off;Generally speaking, the time that tick off seam sticks 24 hours to have comparative good in ceramic tile shop;What problem does tick seam need to notice?When ceramic tile is having tick off seam, need to clear the dirt impurities in ceramic tile tile seam above all, squeeze of tick off seam agent next fill in brick seam, notice when filling, must squeeze fill full, tick off seam hind, clear brick face tick off material in time!
12, finished product protection, floor tile after finishing, must do a good job of finished product protection, mainly to prevent the subsequent work caused by the pollution and damage to the floor tile, the protective layer can be used in the floor tile packing box cardboard or color strip cloth.

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