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How Many Surface Finishing Of Granite Stone Pavers

Jun 21, 2018

There are several kinds of surface finishing of paving stone. It mainly divided into follow types: flamed paver, honed pavers and handmade natural surface finishing pavers.


The Granite pavers that are bush hammered or flamed and are widely used in outdoor environmental ground paving. The most common places are: landscape roads, community gardens, leisure and entertainment venues, architectural plazas, stations, docks, and parking lots. Due to the construction of the gap mortar joint, it has better slip resistance and is easy to keep clean. This natural material improves the environment and taste.


Honed pavers widely used in indoor and outdoor environment pavement and wall decoration. The best scope of products is: water sports venues, sanitary ambience, commercial and entertainment venues, star hotels and homes that require special indoor effects.


Hand-made mainly, on the surface of the product to produce a natural section, pick hammer axe stripe surface, spot like litchi skin surface or pineapple epidermis surface effect. The main material is granite. The main products include paving stone (for paving different landscape sections), corner stone and other hand-made wool surface stones, which are generous in thickness, return to nature, and have good durability. Paving stone and step stone are commonly used products. Long service life is a common material for large-scale landmarks, historical and permanent buildings.

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