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How Much Are Building Materials For A House

Aug 30, 2019

How Much Are Building Materials for A House ?

Our farmer friend builds a house in the countryside a brick a tile is hard work sweat money, have no nouveau riche of opportunism, so build a house the budget is our most concern problem.But in this era of one price per day for red bricks and one price per day for building materials, many people have saved half their life savings in order to build a house of their own at home. So how much does it cost to build a house at home in 2018?
Before building a house, we must do a good job of budgeting, so as not to overspend until the house is built unsatisfactory.But the budgetary problem that builds a house detail is not professional person is to do not know also do not understand quite, what's more, float in this building materials price when frequent, so small make up sorted out a few relevant data to share with everybody here, not quite accurate certainly, but can make a reference!
Give an example first, if the zhang SAN of the same village builds a house 700 square meters before last year, li si = build a house 800 square meters last year, then according to such rise, if build a house this year, should be in 900 or so square meters, according to the building area of your home can estimate the cost of a house.
But to break it down, we need to know the unit price in detail.Before the building is best to look for a person to play peach complete building construction drawing design, including water and electricity and spatial layout, personal feel this part of the budget is not to save, because design drawings will not only make your houses look like single-family villas, key construction drawings construction is convenient, will not appear in the process of building errors and rework time-consuming consumables more costly.Have drawing to be able to know to build this house to need how many material almost, can estimate according to unit price come out.

To give you a detailed labor cost table, may be due to different regions there will be some errors.
To build the first thing you need to price around a piece of red brick, because of environmental restrictions, so the red brick price rises again all the time, and build around about 230 yuan per square meter with red brick, and the construction of artificial cost generally around 280 ~ 350, cement prices at about $400 per ton, steel prices around $4800 a tonne, exterior wall decoration better use really stone paint 70 around a flat, a house tile surface normal ordinary color machine w 5000 can fix, doors and Windows in 500 or so a flat, at the current price to build a house in the countryside, you can according to their own building area to calculate construction budget.

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