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How Much Are Headstones

Apr 27, 2018

The stone used for the headstone is pure, durable, corrosion-proof, weatherproof and crack-free, and it is stable enough when placed outdoors. Granite, as a kind of granular natural stone, undoubtedly satisfies the above requirements.

The granites commonly used in modern headstone are black, gray, red, blue, green and white, which have the same color as the surface color, and they are glossy and colorless lines and scars. Among the colorful and solid granite materials, Aurora, Indian red, Blue pearl, and Shanxi Absolute black are favored by customers. The Indian Red symbolizes the noble, magnificent and fiery years of its glorious career; the Shanxi black symbolizes the solemn, dignified, immortal spirit and profound remember.

The shape and size of each headstone are different, so it is not entirely possible to use the processing equipments of the assembly line. Instead, it is only possible to use different instruments according to the different shapes of various accessories of the headstone. Therefore, the selection of headstones is particularly important! A set of headstone materials should be as similar as possible, so as to ensure the same hardness. After several hundred years of development, the headstone industry in Fujian gradually selected several commonly used materials: sesame black granite, Shanxi black granite, Indian red, Tan brown, Aurora,Vizag blue, sesame white G603 and other stones. These stones are stable in appearance and have similar density and pure color, are very suitable for headstone.

So far, most carving headstone processing is still based on hand-carving, so that every details can be guaranteed and each details can be refined. Modern methods of carving include using computer-controlled rotary bits and sandblasting over a rubber stencil. Leaving the letters, numbers and emblems exposed on the stone, the blaster can create virtually any kind of artwork or epitaph. It is also true that since the headstone was carved by hand, the stone tombstone produced can be said to be unique in the world.

The price of headstone is depending on the its design,size. Different design has different price.Our website has different kind of designs for your reference. We welcome customized design.

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