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How Much Do Balustrades Cost

Aug 27, 2019

How Much Do Balustrades Cost

One, the form of stone parapet introduction
Stone parapet is widely used in China's architecture, early design is relatively simple, with the increase in the use of design also have a variety of styles, and the construction needs of regional buildings.From the current main forms of stone parapet, hollowed out and solid two categories are mostly, simply speaking, hollowed out form of stone parapet only pole and handrail, and solid stone parapet is composed of stone fence board and handrail, part of the way will use hollowed decoration.In addition, considering the construction needs of special areas, many stone guardrail design will also integrate into the way of sitting stool or back, for the convenience of people's rest, increase the practicality of stone guardrail.

Second, the stone fence structure introduction
Stone guardrail structure is also relatively simple, from its overall structure, mainly divided into column, stigma, column board, drum and cushion block and other parts, in carving design also have different requirements.Stone carving build exquisite beautiful sex and practicability of the guardrail, on the robustness is the key consideration, sculpture construction also will have a comprehensive consideration, to keep the stone fence, both the size of each parts and components of the whole collocation should be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements, such as avoiding stone fence appear problem, affect the subsequent use.

Three, stone parapet carving pattern collocation
In the stone parapet sculpture, stone fence board is the focus of the design, the use of a lot of classic carving patterns to dot ornament, let the design of stone parapet are more aesthetic.Stone fence board carving patterns are also a lot of design collocation, such as all kinds of flowers and plants, landscape and character image, so that stone fence carving construction is more aesthetic.Generally speaking, the application needs of different construction areas will be taken into account, and there will be different considerations in carving themes. In the construction and design, comprehensive consideration should be given to give stone guardrail more artistic aesthetics of construction and become a classic architectural decoration.

Four, the classification of stone fence
Stone parapet classification is also stone parapet carving needs to consider the matter, the classification of stone parapet is actually more, no matter from the material or modeling have different choices.According to the current stone parapet built on the appearance of points, mainly arrohan parapet, looking for a rod parapet, fence, etc., in the sculpture design will have different considerations, in the actual carving of the construction of time to do a comprehensive consideration, according to the construction of regional carving design, ensure the practical application of stone parapet.

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