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How Much Is Carrara Marble

Mar 27, 2018
carrara marble

Carrara Marble (also known as Carrara Stone) is named after Carrara. It is a white Carrara stone from Carrara Mountain in the Italian Alps. It is in fact a kind of marble. The full name should be Carrara marble, this Italian famous stone has attracted much attention for its low output, high grade, and low total amount. Its products are elegant and luxurious with rich texture, and it is widely admired by European nobles. Applied to the White House, Notre Dame Cathedral, British Museum, Roman Forum, Florence and Siena Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Roman Pantheon and other buildings. The "Pieta" (Pieta) in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome is Michelangelo's carving of Carrara marble.

Carrara marble, like all marble, is a metamorphosed limestone. Marble starts its life beneath the Earth's surface as limestone. As the limestone is subjected to heat and pressure through millions of years, it recrystallizes into marble. The marble is blasted off in huge blocks and then taken to a factory to be cut and polished. Today, technology allows quarry workers to use giant cutting machines to remove marble from the quarry, but in the past, they had to use dynamite.

Carrara marble most commonly is used today in sculpture and home design as countertops and floor tiles. White Carrara marble especially is desirable for its clean, aesthetic qualities.

The main Carrara Marble are:

Arabescato Carrara

Bardiglio Nuvolato

Blue Venato

Calacatta Classic

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Grey-Gold

Statuary Vein


White Carrara CD

White Carrara C

White Venatino

White Venato

Differernt materials have different prices range. Also, Different shape, different sizes, different surfaces and processings of Carrara Marble would also make different prices. Welcome to contact with Kaoshi Stone to confirm the prices of Carrara marble.

carrara marble

carrara marble

carrara marble