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How Much Is Pebble Stone

Jul 03, 2018

Pebble is a very common kind of stone. The tree-lined path in many residential houses and the ground of the park is paved with it.


There are two types of pebbles, one is mechanism pebbles and the other is natural pebbles. The mechanism pebbles are produced by factory machines. The advantage is that pebbles of various colors, materials and specifications can be produced arbitrarily. Natural pebbles are the products of the mining yellow sand. They are taken from the riverbed. They are named because they are like geese. The colors are mainly grey, cyan and dark red. They have to be cleaned, screened and sorted.


The paving method of pebbles is as follows:

Step 1: Clean up the base. If you are paving pebbles in the yard, just scrape off the floating soil on the ground and compact it.


Step 2: Spread the cement dry ash (cement plus sand without water). The height is about three-quarters of the thickness of the pebbles and then smoothed.


Step 3: Install the pebbles. Make sure you have the pattern you want to do, then install the pebbles according to the pattern. When installing, please note that only about one-third of the pebbles need to be left outside, and the distance between the stone and the stone should be tight. In order to keep the surface of the stone on a horizontal surface, it should be flattened with a small wooden board.


Step 4: Finish. After paving the cobblestones, gently sweep off the cement ash on the cobblestone surface with a soft broom. After the cleaning is completed, the water can be sprinkled. When sprinkling water, pay attention to the uniform water volume on the road surface.

In addition, the water volume should not be too large when sprinkling water.


Due to the wide variety of products ,the pebbles are also widely used, so the price is also very varied. Divided into different prices based on cobblestone surface treatment and size.

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