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How Thick Are Floor Tiles

Mar 08, 2018
floor tiles

The use of floor tiles can be divided into two categories, one is the outdoor floor tiles, the other one is the interior floor tiles.

Outdoor floor tiles, also called paving stones, which have the advantages of beauty, fashion, environmental protection, anti-aging and non-deformation. They can be widely used in the project of guardrail for municipal administration, water conservancy, parks, traffic bridges and so on. The main materials for granite, slate, limestone and so on. Conventional thicknesses are 3 cm, 5 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm.

Floor tiles made by granite is the most widely used, covering almost all the use of places, the demand is the largest, standing to 90% of the entire ground floor demand. Floor tiles made by Sandstone: sandstone processing paving stone, decorative effect is good, rich colors, natural and environmentally friendly, mainly used for parks, courtyards, sidewalks, tourist areas and other places of the laying, a small part is also used in the square.

Floor tiles made by Slate stone, the same as the decorative style of sandstone, simple and natural, but less color choices, mainly black, brown, rust and green-based. Slate flooring is mainly used in parks, squares, sidewalks, courtyards and other places.

Floor tiles made by Lime stone, natural and environmentally friendly, the application is relatively wide range. China has a piece of blue-gray limestone (also called Bluestone), the color and the environment is very coordinated, high hardness, workability, production, cheap, very popular in the world, the annual export volume is very large, visibility High.

Interior floor tiles are mostly made of marble. Conventional thickness are 1cm, 1.5cm or 2cm.

Marble used as floors tiles are very attractive because there are not exactly the same every two marble tiles. The texture of each brick is unique and distinctive, especially when these patterns are combined in different colors and sizes. This is why marble tiles are installed in different ways in both decorative and functional homes. The quality of the brick and its natural, beautiful look help create a range of marble brick combinations of different types, colors, patterns and textures. So with high wear resistance, high finish, waterproof corrosion, bright and generous marble floor tiles commonly used in homes, hotels, restaurants, subway stations and airports, railway stations, piers and other densely populated ground, wall decoration.

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floor tiles
floor tiles
floor tiles