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How To Choose Paving Stone

Jun 14, 2018

How to choose paving stone and what kind of paving stones can match the effect of different place or situation. You could choose according to several aspects.

1. Choose paving materials - Stones in trails, lanes, and courtyards are more durable than ordinary bricks. The ground paving stone made of granite has the widest scope of use, covering almost all the use sites, and the demand is also the largest, and it is more than 90% of the demand for the whole ground floor. The slate paving stone is the same as the decorative style of sandstone. It is simple and natural, but the choice of color is less, mainly black and gray and rusty. It is a paving stone made of blue limestone. It is naturally environmentally friendly and has a wide range of applications. The color and the environment are very harmonious, the hardness is high, the machinability is good, the output is large, the price is cheap, and it is very popular in the international market.

2. Select the desired shape and color of paving stone. Material colors are red, gray, black, brown, white, green and yellow.

3.To view the topography and then choose the laying style of stone. Do you like traditional herringbone or circular paving, or which type do you like best, honeycomb or random? You can use the broken coagulation stones or natural stone to achieve random laying effect. This is effective for trails and courtyards. However, irregular boundaries are not suitable for use in narrow spaces.

4.Determine your paving area range.

5.Different place choose different material, surface finishing, thickness, specifications stone.Small size stone products (10X10cm, 10X20cm, or some small size hexagons, diamond-shaped fan shapes, etc.), which are designed for paving squares, courtyards, parks and other outdoor flat ground. Blind stone is used to lay the road for the blind to walk, mostly granite, and some place also use limestone. The stone used to lay gardens or courtyards are often some pavers with unique surface finishing.

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