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How To Choose The Best Quality Nano Glass Marble Slab

Dec 24, 2019

How to choose the best quality  Nano glass marble slab? 

The super Nano glass is of granite material feature and marble’s gloss.Non-radioactive and environmental friendly, it becomes a new and reusable decorative building material.


And we produce 3 generation:

Nano 001

This material is most quality, It looks like natural marble, and its application is the same as what natural granite is. Cutting can be done by the tools used for natural granite, and no crack and chip come out after cutting. Widely used as countertops and Maximum slab height can arrive 1600 mm.
Nano 002
Its quality is good and stable now, the Nano 002's planeness, thickness, polished degree are good, not any holes in the surface. And its application: floor, exterior and interior wall, column, kitchen countertops, countertops and so on. It is not as excellent as Nano glass 001 and nano glass 003 when used for countertops. But Nano 002 is more cheap, has a big market in the world.
Nano 003
Nano 003 is the latest Nano crystallized glass panel, its cutting features develop comparing to Nano002.

Properties/ MaterialsUnit   NANO001 NANO002 NANO003Natural Marble Natural Granite 
Glossiness % 93929755 86
Densityg/cm3 2.52.562.682.52.7
Compressive StrengthMpa 636530608 220295
Bend StrengthMpa  80.17575.715 20
Impact ToughnessKj/M22.92.452.281.92.5
Mohs HardnessGrade73-55.5-6.0
Water Absorption%0.010.002 0.003 0.3 0.35 
Acid Resistance1%H2SO4,%0.010.02 0.01  10.21
Alkali Resistance1%NaOH,%0.010.02  0.01  0.30.1 
Thermal ExpansivityX10-7/°C  25-400°C25  25-400°C25  25-400°C25  80-26050-150


How to choose the best quality Nano glass marble slab