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How To Choose The Windowsill

Aug 10, 2018

Now people pay much attention to home decoration, especially for window decoration. When choosing window stone materials, it is necessary to choose carefully. After careful consideration, it will be better to choose.

What kind of material is good for the window sill?

outside windowsill

First, from the perspective of aesthetics, the color of marble surface is natural, with natural texture and bright color. As time changes, there will be some changes in the pattern and texture of marble. Most of them will become more and more beautiful.

Two, artificial stone is made by artificial manufacture, and its color is gorgeous. Medium and high grade artificial stone will not be affected by the environment, but will change color and gloss. But some low-grade artificial stones have faded and deformed phenomena.

Three, from the price cost of marble stone because of the natural formation, the resources themselves are relatively scarce, almost every piece of stone material is different, so the cost of a large cost. Artificial stone is made by hand, coupled with the continuous maturity of technology, the cost is lower.

4. From the wear resistance point of view, the structure of marble itself is rigorous, the hardness is large and the wear resistance is good, the overall impact resistance is very good. Artificial stone is small in hardness and scratches easily with sharp and hard material.

Fifth, from the daily maintenance point of view marble internal structure of the gap is large, easy to leak dirt, treatment is relatively complex. Artificial stone is relatively high temperature resistant, anti fouling is also good, usually convenient and easy to handle.

inside windowsill

How do you choose the window sill?

First, make sure to make clear the following items: the price of the plate; the cost of the edge grinding; the cost of the installation; whether or not the loss is added; the cost of the hole, the grinding and the bonding (including the faucet and the basin); the cost of the cut; the cost of the protection; the cost of the transportation; whether the door-to-door measurement needs to be paid. Note that some businesses have large windowsill billing area, and small windows are calculated according to the meter, which requires comparison.

Two, we should carefully measure the location of the stone and make sure that we have a good idea. The window sills are good or small, leaving 3 centimeters of small ears. If the window sill is added with the width of the sticky border, it is enough for 3 centimeters. The width of the bar should be added to the toilet table, and the width of the sticky border should be added to the bilaterally. Pay attention to the single side of the water bar.

Three, attention to the backnet stone is not suitable for narrow window sill, easy to break, although it can be treated by means of sticking and grinding protection, but the effect is difficult to guarantee.

Four, when choosing the stone, in addition to the surface effect, such as the beauty of the pattern, whether it is smooth, there is no color difference, there is no sand hole, there is no reparation mark, but also see the side of the pattern, can not see the stone of the general hardness of the stone, but there are exceptions. If there is a texture, the intensity of the texture is fine and sparse.

Five, floating window stone more than two meters in general to do stitching treatment, need to talk well in advance if stitching, try not to take the medium, so that the seams will be longer, not only beautiful.

6. Bathroom countertops need not be brilliant, golden line cream-yellow, Egyptian cream-yellow, Spanish cream-yellow and other soft stones, strength is not enough, easy to break hanging dirt. Likes the light color good choice middle flower white, if the mesa is relatively long (double table basin), may choose the big flower white, the Oriental white, the Norwegian colored jade and so on.

Seven, the board is generally placed in the outside, well with a bottle of water, splash the water up, to see the real color, at the same time, feel a smooth water, feel the toilet is better to brighten some, smooth. Large windowstones can be used in darker colors due to better lighting in their installation locations, but the colors are in good agreement with those of small windowsills.

Eight, stone installation in the wall before treatment, so that the two sides of the gap can be made up by scraping putty, but the wall treatment to make a good windowsill stone protection. After finishing the wall treatment, the window sill stone should be arranged with the merchants, and the gap between the sides should be more than 2 millimeters.

The question of what kind of material is good for windowsill stone is very common in our life, and it is also one of the problems that perplex people. In fact, Xiaobian suggested that you use marble sill stones better, and very durable. In fact, no matter what material to choose the window sill, we all have to know how to learn how to choose the windowsill stone, so it is more convenient to buy the window sill stone, and can also buy a good window sill.