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How To Clean Granite Countertop

Jun 05, 2018

Many people may think that the maintenance of granite is complicated and costly. In fact, the maintenance method of granite is very simple, almost you need not to think too much, it requires very little, and even does not require any preventive measures. The penetration of grease or residual oil traces is the biggest killer of granite, but this will only happen if the granite is not waxed, or if grease or residual oil penetrates into the granite and stay overnight or long intervals without wiping, the gloss need to be removed with some paste-like detergent to restore the gloss of the surface.

For granite countertops, there must be mats on it to place the bottles on top, especially bottles that containing wine or citrus juices. Many of our common beverages contain acidic substances that can corrode the surface ofgranite countertops.

Do not put very hot items directly on the surface of granite countertops. Hot plates must be placed on mats before they can be placed on them. Porcelain, pottery, silverware, or other things that might scratch the surface must place on tripods or mats upon the granite countertop.

If there is any stain on the granite coutertop, wipe it dry with paper immediately. If you do not dry it immediately, the stain will spread. First wipe with a mild soap of clean water, make sure there are no harmful particles on the countertop, then rinse with water several times, then dry with a soft cloth. Scrub several times if necessary. If stains are still there, use other methods to remove them.

Granite countertops are porous materials that are not properly cared for and are easily scratched .The curing agent can form a protective layer on the countertop to protect the granite countertops. This protective layer also makes the granite surface very smooth and shiny. Granite countertop manufacturers will reseal the countertops in front of the sales desk. However, over time, this protective layer will gradually wear out, so it is necessary to re-seal the table on a regular basis.

In addition, granite countertops are often used to prepare food. Cutting things directly on the countertop will damage the countertops and may even leave unsightly scratches. It is beneficial to protect the granite countertops by cutting boards when cutting foods. You can also install a wooden cutting board on granite countertops. If this method does not work, then you can cut something on a non-granite countertop. If you can't avoid cutting things on the granite countertops, then move lightly when cutting.

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