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How To Fit Balustrades On Stairs

Jul 09, 2019

How To Fit Balustrades On Stairs

1, first fixed on the top and the bottom of the column, and then between the columns at the top of a straight line, and then put in the middle of the column on the steps (mobile column before and after the attention is on the steps, put the column and line height,), use marker pen draw in pillar fixed hole punch mark, and then fixed pillar of drilling hole.

2. If the floor is already paved with tile or marble, you can drill holes with glass drill bit first. Before drilling, you can use play-doh to make a circle around the hole to store water and make better drilling.After drilling the glass bit, use a 12 mm diameter percussion bit to drill. If the foundation is wood, use self-tapping screws to directly fix the column.

3, through the drawing can be fine water pipe, set into the drawing, in the need to bend the place with the hand on the line.It'll save you effort.Diameter over 12 mm wire drawing, you can use a special tool wire drawing grip bending, wire drawing first determine the position of the wire drawing, after holding the bending, you can put the wire hole set on the wire drawing, such as the wire placed in place, the wire hole fixed on the column.

4. Fix the handrail: first measure out the bending place, heat the handrail with the hot bending blanket for 15-20 minutes, and then the handrail can be bent when it becomes soft.(if the hot bending blanket is very long, you can loosen the hot bending blanket where you don't need to hold it.) remove the hot bending blanket, take the handrail and put it on the column.Repeatedly wipe until the handrail is finalized.If the handrail has scratches in the transportation process or daily use, which will affect the appearance, the heating blanket can also be used to eliminate the scratches after heating.

5, finally the armrest plug, wire plug installation, the need to tighten the top wire tight, it can be.

6, some people need armrest and wall connection, need to do mark and draw a circle in the place of armrest and wall contact, and then the center of the hole in the plastic expansion pipe into the wall, in the center of the armrest plug hole, the armrest plug with self-tapping wire fastening in the expansion pipe and wall close, and then the armrest cover into the armrest plug can.

7, note that the installation is from the top to the bottom.

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