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How To Install Marble Fireplace

Sep 19, 2017

The marble fireplace was originally used in many countries, has a decorative effect and considerable practical value, in the Nordic popularity of a high degree. And  according to the culture of different countries, divided into: Finnish style, Russian style, American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, modeling so different. The basic structure of the marble fireplace includes:mantel piece and fireplace core,  flue. 

Installation matters of marble fireplace

1, the fireplace installed in the activities of  the largest room can get the maximum thermal efficiency. If the indoor layer is high, use  the fan to spread the heat slowly to the active area.

2, in order to  fully work with the fireplace supporting the completion of the final  installation before the installation location in front of the electrical outlet  and wire connection box.

3, if  it is duplex residential, such as the fireplace can be placed on the stairs turn  the platform, you can heat directly to the upper room or lower room, so as to  achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

4, place the floor of the fireplace also need to do  heat treatment. The requirements vary  according to the different products. The open firewood fireplace requires a very  large base to load Mars and ashes. Set the glass door to consider the problem  of regulating the flame.

5, pick a suitable base,  you can ask your dealer to help, the use of ceramics, marble and masonry  products are a good choice. Different styles of stoves will have a  range of colors and materials to choose from to suit your needs. Alcohol fireplace.

6, all the fireplace design and  construction need professional knowledge, in order to ensure the use of safe and  efficient

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