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How To Make Granite Grey Colour

Sep 10, 2019

How To Make Granite Grey Colour

G654 stereo-shaped stone products can be regular symmetrical products or irregular asymmetric products.These include stone carvings of figures, animals, abstractions, and other subjects or forms, flat relief, carved columns, capitals, and bases, carved furniture, balusters, stone fireplaces, flower POTS and vases, tombstones, fountains, window covers and door covers with carving, handicrafts, etc.The main processing methods are: chopping, chopping, grinding, shovel, chisel, drill, etc., can also be completed by hand processing, or by mechanized processing to achieve.Sesame black G654 plane unusual stone products: be like hutch to defend desk face plate, conventional stone material line, water knife parlays a flower plank, workbench face plate and desktop, conventional curb stone, corner is waited a moment, its shape can be symmetrical, also can be asymmetric.Plane shaped stone processing is relatively simple, through cutting, grinding, polishing and other simple processing procedures can be produced.Sesame black is widely used for export to Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and so on.

Ash is mainly used for dry hanging stone, decoration engineering, construction engineering, such as sesame gray granite is one of the world's most famous granite of, can be used as a plank, shakedown, mesa, ball stone, sculpture, wall cladding, indoor decoration panel, square plate, environment luyandan all sorts of building and garden stone materials, such as my company is a professional enterprise engaged in sesame ash product sales, good quality is worth your trust.

Interior and exterior decoration, components, counter panel, washbasin, monument, Sculpture | The room inside and outside decoration, components. A panel. Lavabo. Stones. Sculpture.Sesame gray granite belongs to the whole crystal, ore in a film or sesame gray, particle structure, block structure. Its main ingredients are quartz and plagioclase, secondary mineral elements are ordinary Angle of amphibole and pyroxene, black mica, occasional small amounts of pyrite. Main is manufactured into grinding sesame gray granite plate, litchi surface, fire board, cast machine board, project board, stair stone, laying stone, lu yanshi, small stones, etc all kinds of the finished stone.