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Identification Of Artificial Stone

May 28, 2016

(1) the judgement pattern color Under the condition of the light is enough, will have to choose a good plank and the same to the choose and buy other marble plank flat on the floor at the same time, standing in the distance they are 1.5 m careful visual inspection. Require the same marble plank tonal pattern of fundamental harmonic.

(2) check the surface defects Under the condition of the light is enough, the plate is flat on the ground, standing behind the marble plank Lin to observe invisible defects that no defects; Standing in the sheet from Lin visible in 1. Sin no obvious flaws as no obvious flaw; Standing from plate 1. Sin place clearly see defects that have defects.

3) check mark Marble plank tag order is: the naming, classification, grade, standard, specification size Name order for marble plank: waste material place of origin, name of decorative pattern and tonal characteristics, marble (code-named M). Marble plate is divided into two categories: general type plate (code-named N) : long for a square or rectangular plate; Heterotypic plates (code-named S) : for other shape of the plate. Marble plate has three levels: classy article (code-named A), grade A nonconforming product (code-named B) and (code-named C). Grading is based on the plate size to allow partial differential, flatness tolerance limit of tolerance, Angle tolerance limit tolerance, appearance quality and the mirror luster.