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Is Blue Stone Slate

Sep 27, 2019

Is Blue stone slate

The classification of colour according to the influence of colour to person psychology, colour cent is warm, cold two kinds are tonal.Give priority to with red, yellow colour calls warm attune.Give priority to blue, green color to call cool tonal.Colorific collocation USES a variety of color in same space, must notice tonal change.When colorific transition is decorated in the family, when face of another colour is transformed in one colour, need USES intermediate color to undertake transition, in order to avoid color change curt, generation feels bad.Colorific choice colorific produces important effect to the person's psychology, different age, gender, custom custom, to colorific love is different.Colour can be integrated into 12 color system.
Beautiful -- bright pink and cream.These colors are cute and innocent.
Light -- primary colors, orange.These colors make people feel relaxed and happy.
Vibrant -- red.These colors are strong and bold.
Romantic -- soft pink.
Warm, natural -- rice color fastens.These colors make people feel gentle and simple.
Graceful -- rose, lilac makes a person feel refined, graceful.
Refreshing, natural - tender grass color, people feel elegant, refreshing.
Funky - brown, blue.These colors make people feel elegant and beautiful.
Elegance - dark brown, dark olive.These colors make you feel stable and calm.
Limpid - pale blue.These colors are simple and refreshing.
Fresh and light -- primary, blue, green.These colors make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Modern -- dark blue, black.

Blue marble