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Is Natural Stone Granite

May 16, 2019

Is Natural Stone Granite?

Natural stone material refers to the natural rock from the mining, and processed into block or plate material.The natural stone materials for building decoration are mainly granite and marble.
Natural stone material has unique grain, need to undertake waxing to wait for nurse to its in daily use, but natural stone material after long time because its have the characteristic such as natural pore to be able to produce as a result of the other material of thorough outside the disease such as alkali or spot.

Marble refers to the sedimentary or metamorphic carbonate rocks, including marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone, shale and SLATE.For example, the famous white marble in China is the dolomite produced in Beijing fangshan, yunnan marble is the marble produced in Dali county, and the famous dandong green is serpentine silicocalcite.The same, as a stone mining of all kinds of magmatic rocks, such as granite, andesite, diabase, green feldspar, gneiss and so called granite.If the white granite of Beijing baihujian is granite, jinan green is gabbro, and the black granite of Qingdao is diabase.

Identification method:

A view: namely naked eye observation natural stone material surface structure.Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure of natural stone has a fine texture, for natural stone products;Coarse and unequal stone structure of the appearance of its poor, mechanical and mechanical properties are not uniform, slightly poor quality.In addition, due to the geological effect of natural stone often produces some fine cracks, natural stone most easily along these parts of the fracture, should pay attention to eliminate.As for the lack of edges and corners is the impact of beauty, the choice should pay special attention to.
Second try: test the quality stand or fall of natural stone material with simple test method namely.Usually in the natural stone on the back of a small drop of ink, such as ink quickly four disposal leaching, that is, natural stone internal particles loose or there are gaps, stone quality is not good;Conversely, if ink droplet is in place do not move, criterion specification stone material is close quality of a material is good (this is very similar with ceramic tile).
Three listen: namely listen to the knock sound of natural stone material.Generally speaking, the natural stone material with good quality has a clear and pleasant knocking sound;On the contrary, if the natural stone internal microcracks or weathering caused by the contact between the particles become loose, the percussive rough.

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