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Jul 27, 2018

The use of mosaics originated in ancientgreece. The earliest because of technology, just a simple black and white collocation are used in combination, which is very popular at the time of the ruling class, because it has good visual effect, to the later, more diversified in order to enrich the work, some people try to use a piece of gravel smaller, or cutting stones to myself the completion of a mosaic.

After hundreds of years, mosaic slowly become very common, ordinary residential buildings and public buildings, the floor wall began to decorate it, especially in the period of Rome, Rome's social and economic prosperity, making use of mosaic has an unprecedented development, but also makes the Rome ancient building became very luxurious.



Glass mosaic

glass mosaic

Glass mosaic is mainly used for swimming pools, science museums, theaters, bars, clubs and other public occasions, especially those nights in the surrounding environment is relatively black case and interior walls, the more prominent the luminous effect, colorful, of course this need to have different color auxiliary light, such as ultraviolet lamp, fluorescent lamp as for irradiation, the mosaic surface will have a warm and clear feeling, quiet deep, especially in the night, you can add color to the interior and the mysterious romantic, especially for couples atmosphere.

Stone mosaic

marble mosaic

Stone mosaic is generally more domestic, because it has inherent advantages in this regard, Stone mosaic durable, soft light, not exciting, very suitable for the family warm atmosphere. Family decoration, mosaic is mainly used for wall and floor decoration, because of the small size, color mosaic and other characteristics, so that there are countless mosaic combination of style, designers can design their own with inspiration, the hair of them into full play, to show its charm and the taste of the owner, but in use, some to pay attention to and the whole building style to match.

slate mosaic 

1. Common Chip Size: 10x10mm, 15x15mm, 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 30x30mm and etc, Thickness 10mm.
2. Usage: It just demands easy manufacturing and installation and is used widely in floors,and walls. - Wall decoration, Villa Decoration, TV Back Ground, Pattern for floor
3. Finishing: Natural, polished, honed, antique.
4. Package: Seaworthy wooden crates or according to customers requirement
1. Elegant and artistic looking;
2. Rich in color combinations, Suitable for all kinds of decorative projects, from home improvement to splendid hotels, from flooring to art deco.