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Terrazzo Advantages

May 28, 2016

(1), high-grade terrazzo, table light with highlight brightness above 70, dustproof prevent slippery marble quality;

(2), terrazzo, surface hardness of 6-8;

(3), terrazzo, optional stitching color, color can be custom made;

(4), no crack, not heavy car rolled, not heavy drag, no shrinkage deformation;

(5), no dust, high cleanliness; Cleanliness satisfy the requirement of pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing high clean environment;

(6), non-combustible, don't angry, ageing resistance, fouling resistance, corrosion resistance, no smell without any pollution;

(7), colour and lustre is gorgeous, bright and clean, if the need to improve light hit ordinary floor wax (does not affect its antistatic performance);


(8), decorative frame transverse flat vertical, without gap between article frame, connection

(9), construction performance and mechanical properties and various kinds of building use high-quality terrazzo floor, accord with national standard GB50209-2002 requirements, accord with JC507-1993 standard for building terrazzo.