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The Advantage Of The Marble

Oct 10, 2018

The marble tiles used as floors are very attractive because there are no two identical marble bricks. The texture of each brick is unique and unusual, especially when the patterns are combined in different colors and sizes. This is why marble bricks are installed in different ways in both decorative and functional homes. The quality of the bricks and their natural and beautiful appearance help to create a series of marble brick combinations of different types, different colors, patterns and textures. Therefore, with high abrasion resistance, high finish, waterproof, anti-corrosion, bright and generous marble brick, often used in homes, hotels, restaurants, subway stations and airports, stations, piers and other densely populated ground, wall decoration.

white marble

Advantages: durable durability, marble is a very durable, hard stone. If you accidentally dropped the ceramic tray on the linoleum, the dinner plate might not break. But if you drop the ceramic tray on the marble floor, it will shatter into hundreds of pieces. Marble's inherent solidity is actually beneficial. You'll never have to worry that your dog will claw your floor.

black marble

Advantages: longevity, marble life beyond imagination, durability. Marble is one of the oldest building materials, particularly favored by Greeks and romans. Their special marble works still exist today. If you install marble properly in a suitable area, for example, on a less frequently used floor, you may not need to replace marble throughout your life.

beige marble