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The Basic Knowledge Of Fireplace

Feb 18, 2019

The basic knowledge of fireplace

Fireplace is divided by heat source can be divided into wood burning, burning, coal burning and electric fireplace;According to the structure is divided into embedded and independent.All but electric fireplaces are called true fireplaces.Wood fireplace needs to be installed in the roof flue, and fire,(fireplace does not need additional bacon, only need to be in the side wall of a hole about 20 cm, before and after the house decoration can be.High-rise buildings and villas can be constructed.The fire (fireplace) is a balanced type/row.100% combustion air (all drawn from outside via coaxial pipe).Small ducts are embedded in large ducts to ensure complete isolation of combustible bodies, thus ensuring the quality of indoor air.The ventilation ducts can run horizontally through the external walls or vertically through the roof, which can meet the heating needs of 80-200 square meters and also serve as auxiliary heating equipment.