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The Summary Of Terrazzo

May 28, 2016

Terrazzo is made to gravel mixed into cement concrete surface after polishing products. Commonly used to make floor tile, countertops, sink and other products. Highlighting terrazzo, ordinary terrazzo (also called grinding stones, terrazzo floor) : refers to the terrazzo stone fragments embedded in cement mixture, the rough surface with water and make it smooth products.

Terrazzo floor is a kind of cement as the main raw material of a kind of composite ground material, the use of its low cost and good performance, widely used in the large area of public buildings. With the continuous development of building industry, more and more enterprises and industries are used in artificial stone. According to the national related department statistics show that the use of national public buildings terrazzo area of more than 6 billion square meters, hospital, pharmacy, machinery, government agencies, schools, businesses, airport station, wharf, etc. Terrazzo floor biggest advantage is moistureproof, south to south day march climate can stay very dry ground.