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The Types Of Artificial Stone

May 28, 2016

Resin type artificial stone

Resin type artificial stone as the cementing agent based on unsaturated polyester resin, and natural marble stone, quartz, calcite, limestone and other inorganic filler according to certain proportion coordination, add the catalyst, curing agent, pigments, such as admixture, the mixed stirring, curing, demoulding drying, surface polishing process.

Composite artificial stone

Composite artificial stone used binder, both inorganic materials, organic polymer materials. Its making process is: first made of cement mortar cement, stone powder body, the body again immersed in organic monomer, the polymerization under certain condition.

Cement type artificial stone

Cement type artificial stone is with all kinds of cement as cementing material, sand and gravel aggregate for thickness, natural preparation, mixing, pressure pipe, made of artificial stone after grinding and polishing. Preparation process, mixed with pigment, can be made into color cement. Cement type of stone material production conveniently, low prices, but its adornment sex is poorer. Terrazzo and which includes all kinds of flower tile.

Sintering type artificial stone

Sintered artificial stone production methods similar to ceramic technology, is to feldspar, quartz, fai green stone, calcite powder, and hematite, and a certain amount of old soil mixed together, general proportion for the powder 60%, 40% clay, USES the mix slurry preparation of billet, with half dry pressure molding method, then to around 1000 ℃ high temperature in the kiln roasting. Sintered artificial stone adornment sex good, stable performance, but subject to high temperature roasting, and large energy consumption and high cost.