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What Are Balustrades Made Of

Apr 30, 2019

What Are Balustrades Made Of

Railing ancient Chinese called appendix, also known as the diaphragm, is the bridge and building safety facilities.Balustrade plays the role of division, guidance in use, make be broken up area boundary is clear and distinct, the balustrade with good design, have adornment sense very much.The sacrificial vessels in the zhou dynasty had railings.Han dynasty with mullion type railings for the most.Six dynasties prevailing hook film diaphragm.Balustrade corner stand wang zhu or looking for a stick made of twisted mouth, can be seen in the yungang grottoes, dunhuang murals.The wooden balustrade of yuan, Ming and qing dynasties is relatively slender, while the stone balustrade gradually breaks away from the shape of wooden balustrade and tends to be thick and heavy.After the late qing dynasty, the western classical form of proportion, scale and decorative railings entered China.The material of contemporary baluster and modelling are more diversiform.

In form, railings can be divided into two types: internode type and continuous type.The former is composed of a column, a handrail and a transverse block, and the handrail is supported on the column;The latter has a continuous handrail consisting of a handrail, a railing post and a base.Common types are: wooden railings, stone railings, stainless steel railings, cast iron railings, cast stone railings, cement railings, modular railings.
Generally, the low column is 0.2 ~ 0.3 meters high and the middle column is 0.8 to 0.9 meters, high column 1.1 ~ 1.3m.The moment between the railings is generally 0.5 ~ 2 meters.

Stone railings
It is made of marble or granite, with stone handrails on the top and stone railings in the middle. The bottom plate below can be removed or removed according to the needs. If it is the beginning of the stairs, there is a larger general column at one end.Splicing is mainly with iron bars and special mica rubber connection.As it is made of natural stone by physical processing, so the anti-aging ability is strong, thick appearance, with modern flavor.Outdoor multi-purpose granite material is given priority to, indoor multi-purpose marble material is qualitative.

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