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What Are Balustrades Used For

Mar 29, 2018

balustrades A balustrade is an architectural barrier that is designed to provide a  building occupant with safety from falling. 

 The balustrades play a role of separation and guidance in use, so that  the boundary of the divided area is clear and clear, and the designed  railings are very decorative. In terms of form, balustrades can be  divided into two types: interjunctional and continuous. The former  consists of columns, handrails and crosspieces. The balustrades are  supported on the columns. The latter has continuous handrails  consisting of handrails, railing columns and bases. The materials for the construction of balustrades include wood, stone, concrete, brick, tile, bamboo, metal, organic glass and plastic. The height of the balustrades mainly depends on the object and location of use. The height is generally 900mm. The stair railings in kindergartens and elementary schools can also be built in the form of double balustrades for adults and children respectively; When the width of a staircase exceeds 1.4 meters, double-sided balustrades should be provided (wall-mounted balustradesshould be set on one side of the wall). When the width is more than 2.4 meters, a railing handrail should be added in the middle. In a residential building, balustrades should not have oversized or climbable rails.

The general balustrade height is 0.2-0.3 meters, the middle balustrade is 0.8-0.9 meters, and the high balustrade is 1.1-1.3 meters. The moment of the balustrade is generally 0.5 to 2 meters. Common types are: wooden balustrade, stone balustrade, stainless steel balustrade, cast iron balustrade, cast stone balustrade, cement balustrade, modular balustrades.

Stone balustrades have beautiful, fashionable, environmental protection, anti-aging, non-deformation performance advantages, can be widely used in municipal, water conservancy, parks, traffic bridges, around the city river protection, villa decoration, and other guardrail projects. The complete stone balustrades consist of pillars, stigmas, fences, drums and pads. The stone balustrades on the market can also be used with other materials such as pillars and iron cables.

Balustrades can be made by a variety of stone materials, common stone Balustrades in the market are blue stone railings, white marble Balustrades, granite Balustrades. There is a stone handrail, in the middle is a stone railing, the bottom of the floor as needed, may or may not, if there is a large general column at the beginning of the stairs. The splicing site is mainly connected by iron bars and special marble glue. Because of its physical processing by natural stone, Stone balustrade has a strong anti-aging ability, a thicker appearance and a modern atmosphere. Most of the outdoor used granite materials, indoor used more marble material.