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What Are Flamed Granite

Jan 10, 2018

We all have seen granite before. Many of you automatically start thinking of sleek kitchen countertops. Today, however, we are discussing granite with a flamed  finish.

 flamed granite

So what exactly is flamed granite?

Flaming is a process to make the surface of the material a alternative finishing. Flaming makes the surface more rough , it is done by machines as well as manually. But buying machine flamed material is good choice. After flaming, sometime another finish which is called antique or brushed can be applied. This brushing is also done by line polisher with different abrasives for brushing. The brushed finishing looks wonderful and it just like a leather touch to surface

The stone surface is textured to a rough finish using fire. You can usually see flamed floors at the exterior entrances of buildings.  Flamed is a popular choice for commercial buildings because it is textured and can be more slip resistant.

A flamed finish occurs when an intense flame is fired at the stone and causes the stone to burst. The result is that the stone bursts and the exterior becomes rough. This is beneficial for areas where slip resistance is important. Not all stone can withstand this treatment. Most are strong materials such as granite or limestone.


Here you can find the different options of flamed granite for exterior: flamed granite for tiles, flamed granite for stair,flamed granite for paving/cobble, flamed granite for kerbstoneetc