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What Are Natural Stone Tiles

Sep 06, 2019

What Are Natural Stone Tiles

Natural marble is high-grade and beautiful adornment material all the time, but the product that regards nature as inevitably exists all sorts of blemish, be like: chromatic aberration is big, blemish is much, easy ooze pollution, hard do, price is high, supply cycle is long wait for a problem.In order to solve these problems, and to bring consumers a kind of "marble realistic effect, superior performance of ceramic tile" products, in 2009, the marble tile this category officially launched the market.Since then, marble tile with natural marble realistic texture, its decorative effect compared to natural marble can be said to be too much.And in waterproof rate, flatness, flexural strength and other practical performance performance is also extraordinary.Accordingly, superior performance makes marble ceramic tile got the apprehension of broad consumer, become a black horse of ceramic tile market with the development speed of fast thunder.

Ceramic tile, marble is a natural marble lifelike texture, color and texture of ceramic tile products, it has distinct adornment effect of the natural marble and ceramic tile is superior performance, abandon all sorts of natural marble natural defect, it is to build TaoXingYe epoch-making innovators, also is the representative work of modern top ceramic tile manufacturing process.
Marble ceramic tile is after ceramic tile of porcelain piece, polishing brick, archaize brick, small SPAR another ceramic tile is new category.Marble tile in texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect completely achieve realistic effect of natural marble, adornment effect is even better than natural stone, marble, ceramic tile with distinct adornment effect and superior practical performance to win the favour of broad consumer, has developed into one of the mainstream products in the field of ceramic tile.
Ceramic tile teams through to the ceramic vitality of thought to explore, in-depth study of home decoration trend, the full range of customer needs, integrate the natural beauty of humanities fashion, in this paper, it introduce the unique technology, quality marble tile, porcelain, wood series, polishing brick, and archaize brick, ceramics and other series of products, to create "natural, fashion, contracted" ceramic art.Among them, the perfect replacement of marble, solid wood floor, with the natural beauty, to protect ecological resources, to integrate into fashion and art and other advantages of marble tiles, porcelain wood series, leading the new trend of the industry, the entire product development process and the achievements created by the building of the quality of ceramic industry benchmark.

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