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What Are Natural Stones

Dec 28, 2017

Specializing in genuine, natural stones that are not dyed, synthesized, "stabilized" or "enhanced"- just genuine cut and polished gemstones, or pure rough gem material for your use.

natural stone

Natural stone usually divided into two types: marble and granite. In general, any texture, known as marble, spotted mainly called granite. Marble and granite can also be distinguished from the geological concept. Granite is igneous and also called acid crystalline deep pluton. It is the most widely distributed rock in igneous rock. It consists of feldspar, quartz and mica. Its composition mainly consists of silica, accounting for about 65% -75% Hard and dense quality. The so-called igneous rock is the underground magma or lava volcanic lava condensed rock crystallization. The content of silica in igneous rocks, the nature of the feldspar and its content determine the nature of the stone. When the content of silica is more than 65%, it belongs to acidic rock. In this kind of rock, the basic minerals such as orthoclase, plagioclase and quartz form granular structure and are called granite.

Because there are many pores on the surface of natural stone, so it is weaker in the dirt. Generally in the processing plant will be processed on its surface. In the interior decoration, the TV table, windowsill countertops, indoor floor, etc. suitable for the use of marble. The threshold, kitchen counter, outdoor ground is suitable for use granite. One of the best countertops kitchen is the use of dark granite. It is also widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and home improvement (kitchen countertops, washstands, kitchen walls, dining tables, coffee tables, windowsills, door covers, etc.).

Natural stone advantages:

1. cheap: generally 4,500 yuan can buy very good imported stone in the market, but this price can only buy mid-range artificial stone;

2. natural pattern, more optional;

3. Hardness

4. High density

5. Wear-resistant

Natural stone used in outdoor relatively large flow, and the service life of the higher places.


Natural stone heavier; two butt when the gap larger, difficult to connect, it is impossible to make seamless splicing; permeability is higher, stains difficult to clean up; lack of flexibility, in case of heavy blows will crack.

If the choice of natural stone to do the shortcomings of the table is the length requirements, too long splicing can not be done as seamless as artificial stone splicing. In addition, natural stone because of the pores, so when doing the best cabinets countertops choose dark granite, such as China black, black gold sand, Jinan blue, blue and so on, to prevent bleeding bleed. Such as China black, Shanxi black, Jinan blue, blue and so the price per square meter is below 100 yuan, but obviously you can not afford to buy this artificial stone price.

Note: If you choose to use the cabinet countertops, such as natural stone must use granite, marble texture is not soft, not suitable to do the load-bearing requirements of the table.

natural stone

natural stone

natural stone

Natural stone itself is covered with micropores (pores), the water invaders are natural stone causes of the disease. So, be sure to do before the construction of natural stone protection. It is noteworthy that the removal of pollution should be promptly protected, so as not to be re-dyed natural stone.

Natural stone renovation maintenance. Marble, granite dirty surface, wear, scratch color, can be renovated. Refurbishment must be professional refurbished grinding equipment. When the renovation should also be based on natural stone varieties selection of marble or granite special abrasive disc and polishing powder, and strictly according to the order of disc numbers from vain to fine by the extreme grinding, in order to achieve the ideal polishing effect, to achieve the ground Refurbishment and maintenance.

Natural stone crystal suitable for marble artificial stone. But also through special equipment and steel wool, with hard agent plus agent, low-speed grinding equipment, the first hard to fully penetrate the stone material, and then polishing agent spray ground to completely absorb the ground, and finally must be added to a Layer plus hardner, polished to crystal mirror. So that the ground is beautiful and wear-resistant, but also can play a non-slip effect.